Polly Wilkins and Jason Masimore on How Private Clients Can Manage Reputational Risks in Article with DRD Partnership

January 31, 2024

Publication: DRD Partnership

For high-net-worth individuals and private clients involved in contentious situations, misinformation created and spread by bad-faith opponents is a real and tangible threat. Falsehoods can easily spread online and get picked up by established media following a coordinated campaign, threatening reputational harm around the world. Kobre & Kim’s Polly Wilkins and Jason Masimore unpacked the dangers and offered strategies to manage the risks in an article written with international strategic communications consultancy, DRD Partnership.

Co-authored with DRD Partnership’s Claire Davison and Viktor Koleda, the article explores the way false allegations can spread in the public domain and impact a client’s ability to carry out business as usual, as well as the challenges clients face as allegations crop up in far-off jurisdictions, potentially attracting government attention. The team lays out “must haves” for clients to manage those risks through the adoption of a robust and active approach to reputation management.

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