Publications December 14, 2023

Kobre & Kim’s International Enforcement Judgment Featured Among Commercial Dispute Resolution’s Top 2023 Cases

An English High Court judgment on state immunity and international arbitration, obtained in May 2023 by Kobre & Kim on behalf of two investors, was featured among the top global cases of 2023 in Commercial Dispute Resolution’s year in review.

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Publications December 13, 2023

Kobre & Kim’s Brazil Growth Reported in Brazilian Publication Análise

Kobre & Kim’s continuing expansion in Latin America, with the growth of its on-the-ground team in Brazil, was reported in Brazilian publication Análise.

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Publications November 6, 2023

Kobre & Kim Expands in Brazil as Insolvency Work Grows: International

With a boom in insolvency and restructuring work in Brazil in the aftermath of the pandemic, as well as an inflow of capital into the region to secure commodities and infrastructure projects, Kobre & Kim has expanded its Brazil-based team to reinforce the firm’s local presence, International reported.

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Publications October 4, 2023

John Han Discusses Evergrande with the Wall Street Journal

Embattled Chinese real estate developer Evergrande is in dire straits after parts of its proposed turnaround plan were blocked by China's regulators. Market observers are left wondering what this could mean for other similarly troubled real estate companies in China, such as Country Garden, that are currently navigating a turbulent housing crisis in the world's second-largest economy. Kobre & Kim's John Han, who focuses on cross-border monetization of distressed assets, sat down with The Wall Street Journal to discuss what might be next for the property giant and other Chinese real estate companies.

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Publications September 8, 2023

John Han to The Wall Street Journal: Country Garden Creditors Could Target Overseas Assets

Although the Chinese property developer Country Garden narrowly avoided default in early September, its ongoing financial distress is causing mounting concern among its creditors, especially those holding offshore bonds. A mostly empty megaproject in Malaysia could offer them up to US $1.5 billion in recovery, Kobre & Kim’s John Han – who focuses on large-scale, cross-border monetization of distressed assets – told The Wall Street Journal.

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Publications August 1, 2023

Matthew Menchel Speaks on Defense of UBS Banker Raoul Weil on Podcast

Kobre & Kim’s Matthew Menchel joined David Oscar Markus on the podcast “For the Defense” to speak about the defense and successful acquittal of Swiss UBS banker Raoul Weil.

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Publications July 14, 2023

Kobre & Kim Recognized by The American Lawyer in Pro Bono Highlights

Kobre & Kim’s pro bono work was selected by The American Lawyer among 15 matters that represent the very best of the legal industry’s pro bono efforts in 2022 in “Justice Is Served: Highlights From Big Law’s Year of Impactful Pro Bono.” The article highlighted the firm’s success in gaining asylum for a client “K.”

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Publications June 5, 2023

Adriana Riviere-Badell on Lawmakers’ Request for U.S. to Intervene in ICSID Treaty Claim in Global Arbitration Review

Over 30 U.S. lawmakers wrote to the Biden administration in May urging them to intervene on behalf of Honduras after allegations that ICSID has breached “law and procedure” in its administration of US $11 billion treaty claim have caused the government of Honduras to threaten withdrawal from ICSID’s jurisdiction. Kobre & Kim’s Adriana Riviere-Badell, who focuses on enforcement of international judgments and arbitral awards with a nexus to Latin America, gave her insight to Global Arbitration Review.

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Publications June 2, 2023

Evelyn Sheehan and Lara Levinson Explore Navigating Legal Risks in Luxury Asset Transactions in Private Client Global Elite’s “The Month”

The luxury market is characterized by high stakes and confidentiality, but recent developments in the market have led to greater government scrutiny and enforcement actions, which increases risk for market participants. Kobre & Kim’s Evelyn Sheehan and Lara Levinson explore these risks in an article for Private Client Global Elite’s “The Month.”

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Publications May 30, 2023

Adriana Riviere-Badell on Push to Eliminate ISDS Provisions from U.S. Trade Agreements in Law360

With over 30 U.S. lawmakers in May urging the Biden administration to intervene in an investor-state arbitration involving Honduras and calling for the elimination of investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions in existing trade agreements involving the hemisphere, should international investors be concerned? Kobre & Kim’s Adriana Riviere-Badell, who focuses on enforcement of international judgments and arbitral awards with a nexus to Latin America, sat down with Law360 to discuss.

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Publications April 26, 2023

Andrew Stafford KC, Calvin Koo, Timothy de Swardt Examine Crypto Recovery in the UK, BVI, Hong Kong and U.S.

The proliferation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has seemed like the emergence of a new Wild West – but has the sheriff finally ridden into town? Kobre & Kim’s Andrew Stafford KC, Calvin Koo and Timothy de Swardt look at how the United Kingdom, the British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong and the U.S. – all sophisticated and important global financial centers with mature and highly competitive legal markets – have responded to the disruptive effects of blockchain and cryptocurrency in a chapter of Commercial Dispute Resolution’s “Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery 2023.”

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Publications April 11, 2023

Evelyn Sheehan to Anti-Corruption Report: U.S. DOJ Compensation Claw Back Program Improperly Shifts Government Burden to Employers

The U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) new pilot program incentivizing companies under investigation to claw back compensation from culpable employees and supervisors attempts to shift the burden of corporate wrongdoing from shareholders to those directly responsible. However, as Kobre & Kim’s Evelyn Sheehan – who focuses on asset forfeiture and other government enforcement actions – told Anti-Corruption Report, the program offloads the government’s burden onto companies and adds to the challenges they face.

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Publications April 7, 2023

Calvin Koo on the Rise of Cross-Border Crypto Scams in DL News

Cryptocurrency scams are on the rise. As more victims are losing money, they are finding that – even though transactions are preserved on a public ledger – the cross-border nature of the asset and the underdeveloped global regulatory landscape make recovery often very difficult, and scammers will continue to take advantage. Kobre & Kim’s Calvin Koo, who focuses on global tracing and recovery of digital assets, spoke to DL News about these trends.

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Publications April 3, 2023

Jalil Asif KC, Peter Tyers-Smith and Ilona Groark Pen ICLG Chapter on Enforcing Foreign Judgments in Cayman

The Cayman Islands is a key offshore jurisdiction for judgment creditors in cross-border enforcement campaigns. Kobre & Kim’s Cayman-based Jalil Asif KC, Peter Tyers-Smith and Ilona Groark detailed the main insights in the jurisdiction for creditors in a chapter of International Comparative Legal Guide’s “Enforcement of Foreign Judgments 2023.”

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Publications February 8, 2023

Nick Cherryman Quoted in Financial Times and Law360 on UK Win in Award Enforcement Case Against Spain

Coming amid uncertainty for renewable investors and a global legal debate in the wake of the Court of Justice of the European Union’s (CJEU) Achmea and Komstroy decisions, the UK High Court rejected the European Commission’s attempt to intervene in two renewable energy investors’ US $101 million arbitral award enforcement case against Spain in a win for the investors. The Financial Times and Law360 quoted Kobre & Kim’s Nick Cherryman, who represents the lead award in this dispute, on the development.

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